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Best Septic Inspection Near Me in 2022
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Septic Inspection Near Me

Buying a house is a big thing in our lives, one of the biggest decisions that almost consumes all our savings. To ensure you get things done right, you need to ensure that you hire the best septic inspection near me among others.

A reliable and honest septic inspection service saves you thousands of dollars and protects your family from contamination and diseases.

If you are a homeowner who wants to sell their house or a prospective buyer, there is a list that you will need to check off before you buy or put your house up for sale. It is not just about checking out what the home looks like on the inside.

Septic Works LLC has been providing a prominent septic inspection near me for over two decades. We are also licensed and certified to conduct septic tank inspection before buying a house – our septic tank inspectors will take care of all your needs.

Why is a septic inspection important when buying a home?

Regrettably, a lot of people underestimate the importance of hiring an excellent septic inspection near me service when buying a home. It is recommended that a septic specialist checks your onsite sewage system at least once every three years.

And that becomes very important when you want to sell your house. You risk liability issues if you sell a house with a malfunctioning septic system.

If you are a buyer, on the other hand, you don’t want to buy a house with a damaged system and be burdened with expensive repairs.

Whether a buyer or seller, have peace of mind and schedule an appointment with a professional septic specialist to come to your house and check for any problems or defects that need correction.

Types of septic tank inspection

1. Inspection level 1: This is a visual inspection. We run water from various drains and flushing toilets in the home. We want to find out how well everything is draining. We also look for septic leakage to the top of the drain field area and check for sewage odors in the area of the septic tank and the leach field.

2. Inspection level 2: We pump the tank. This allows our septic tank inspectors to check the water level to know whether water is properly draining. To make sure the water is properly flowing, we run water in the home. This is done to determine if the water level rises when more water is introduced. Next, we will check out if there is any sewage backup from the absorption area.

3. Inspection level 3: This is the best option if you want to buy a home. Level three includes the visual inspection and the pumping as well. With level three, we install inlet and outlet baffles. In many states this is now mandated by the Department of Environmental Health. The inlet baffle allows water to flow into your septic system without disturbing the scum layer. This baffle also keeps the wastewater from flowing straight across your septic tank. The outlet baffle serves as a filter to prevent solids from traveling to the drainage field.

Who pays for the septic inspection?

It is typically the responsibility of the seller to pay for the septic inspection unless agreed otherwise.

Can you inspect a septic tank without pumping it?

We will decide about this during our septic inspection. However, pumping a septic tank before a septic inspection means that the leach field cannot be tested. This can hide issues the septic system may have.

How often should septic tanks be inspected?

At least once every three years by a professional septic tank inspector.

Septic tank inspection is only carried out by certified and licensed septic inspectors.

On top of this, you need to hire a septic specialist informed about local laws in your area. That is because septic inspection requirements vary by state.

septic inspection near me

Work with the best septic inspection near me service in 2022

Septic Works LLC specializes in all things that are septic. We are fully licensed and insured. We have been serving clients across the United States for 20 years.

We offer excellent services at an affordable price. Our septic inspectors are friendly and ready to answer all your questions.

Our customer service agents are available anytime you need any help. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any questions or comments you have. If you have any doubts about our best septic inspection near me service, call us today at 678-326-3591.