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5 Things That Ruin Your Septic System

Many homeowners aren’t familiar with the things that can potentially damage their septic system. A fact that it’s surprisingly unknown is that septic systems are quite delicate and everyday items can damage or clog them up. It’s important to learn the things that could potentially damage your septic system in order to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Keep reading to find out the 5 things that can ruin your septic system and chances are you don’t know about them.

Flushing & Draining Items

Flushing and draining the wrong items down your septic system, are one of the most common causes for damage. Once you drain objects, it will create clogs and blocks leading to damage or repairs. This is why we recommend to only flush organic solids down the septic system.

Be aware that anything that goes down the drain either through the sink, bathtub, etc., will also end up in the septic tank.

  • Kitchen grease: All types of grease will add to the scum layer in the septic tank, you might think that if grease is still hot, then it’s perfectly fine to pour down the kitchen sink, but this is completely wrong. Grease is one of the worst things for your septic system.
  • Chemical cleaners: Septic systems need bacteria to break down waste so it’s best to avoid putting chemical cleaners into the drain because they will destroy the good bacteria that will breakdown the process.
  • Toilet paper: While toilet paper seems to be flushable, most do not break down. The paper can hold onto the surfaces and makes it harder for the system to work effectively. Any paper products like tissues, paper towels, tampons, or sanitary products, will clog your system if you flush enough of it.
  • Kitty Litter: Keep cat litter out of the septic system. It’s particles that will intensify the amount of solid waste volume in the tank.
  • Plant tress directly on top of your drain field: Although having tress in the yards may be lovely, you need to be extra careful on where you plant them. If you plant trees or shrubs directly on top of your septic system, those tress will start to sink their roots deeper and deeper into the soil and the roots may even break through the piping.

The septic system is designed to accept only human waste so avoid putting anything else. We would recommend to always use biodegradable paper. Finding diapers, toys and other objects is very common and these are the items that can make your septic system completely ineffective. This can result in expensive repair or even replacement.

It is best to have your septic system periodically checked and pumped out. As always, we recommend the advice of trained professionals to provide a complete inspection. Professional pumping services can add many more years to your system. In conclusion, it is recommended to avoid putting any of the items mentioned above into your septic system.