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Septic Tank Cleaning Augusta GA:
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Hiring a great septic tank cleaning Augusta GA service is not complicated and does not cost you a lot of money when you know how to choose the right septic tank contractor.

Taking care of your septic system is very important. Ignoring it can cost you big bucks and replacing a septic system can cost you thousands of dollars.

At Septic Works LLC, we take pride in having been providing septic tank cleaning services for over 20 years with professionalism, dedication and excellent customer service.

Throughout this blog, we are going to talk about the things you have to do to protect your sewage system if you live in Augusta, Georgia.

Septic Tank Cleaning Augusta GA

1. Septic tank cleaning Augusta GA: Pump the tank

Pumping the septic tank is the process of removing the sludge from the bottom of the septic tank. You have to do this once at least every three years or before the sludge builds up and blocks the effluent (clean water) from going through to the drain field.

The frequency of a pump-out depends on the size of the household, how much wastewater is generated and the septic tank size.

2. Septic tank cleaning Augusta GA: Repair the tank

Septic tank cleaning Augusta GA is part of several septic tank repairs that you have to do regularly to keep your system healthy and in good working order. There are multiple signs to know that something is wrong like unpleasant smells, sewage backing up into your house, pipes producing gurgling sounds, or toilets not flushing in the home. Taking an early action prevents small issues from getting worse. Small problems are easy to solve and only need a cheap fix. In most cases, repairs like a broken pipe can cost a few hundred bucks while an urgent replacement, let us say, of the drain field costs a ton of money.

3. Inspect the tank

If you’ve been looking for a house in Augusta area with a septic system, it is a great idea to schedule a septic tank inspection. This way you know the condition of the septic system and what costs to expect.

At Septic Works LLC, we do a septic inspection for any type of septic tank you have and we are licensed and certified to serve residential, municipal and commercial clients.

4. Maintain the tank

Know what you put down the drain. Don’t dump non-biodegradable items such as grease, disposable diapers, sanitary pads, condoms, plastics, cigarette butts, Kleenex, feminine products, baby wipes, cleaner cloths, toilet cleaner heads, paper towels, etc. these items DO NOT BREAK DOWN EASILY and can cause congestion in your septic system.Educate yourself about septic systems, how do septic tanks work, and the signs of any problems and how to troubleshoot them.

At Septic Works LLC, we provide a wide range of septic tank service Augusta GA including septic inspection, septic pumping, tank repair, drain line repair, septic tank installation and porta potty rentals.

Our prices are competitive and our septic inspectors are licensed and insured. Our customer service agents are available any time you need any help. If you have any questions about septic tank cleaning Augusta GA, call us today at 912-666-2210