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Septic Tank Clearance Letter:
5 Things You Need to Know

You are on the hunt for a house and you often hear the term septic tank clearance letter. What is it and why do people recommend you to get this letter? Through this blog, we are going to tell you all about septic system clearance letters.

But first what is a septic system? Septic systems are wastewater treatment structures buried underground. They are common in rural areas where houses are not served by municipal sewer lines.

Around 20% of houses in the US rely on septic systems. They consist of a septic tank and a drain field. The septic tank receives the wastewater that exits your home and it separates the waste from the water. Then it releases the effluent (clean water) to the drain field.

The leach field is a set of pipes located above gravel and sand. The job of a drain field is to clean the water further and removes and remaining waste or bacteria. Then it releases the water into the soil.

Since on-site sewage systems can get old like any other thing, you have to ensure that your house system is in good working order, especially when you are buying a new house. It is disappointing to buy a new property and later discover that you need to repair the drain line or replace the septic tank.

That is why you need to get the septic system clearance letter. To ensure that your sewage system is healthy, does not have problems and still young.

1. What is a septic tank clearance letter?

Looking for a home is not only about making sure that the home looks good on the inside, but also making sure that the plumbing system among others is in great shape.

One thing that you have to check out when buying a house is the septic system. And in this regard the septic tank clearance letter helps you.

The letter is a written document that tells you the status of the home’s septic system. The report result can be that the system is working fine and then you may proceed to buy the house.

Or that the system is not working properly and some repairs have to be done. In that case you might still go ahead and buy the house but you might also ask for a discount or ask the home owner to implement the repairs first before closing down the transaction.

2. What is septic system clearance letter cost?

Septic system clearance letter cost is around $300 and up. It depends on the size of your home septic tank, the amount of wastewater generated as well as the number of people who occupy the house.

3. Who provides a septic tank clearance letter?

Only certified and insured septic tank inspectors or specialists can carry out septic tank inspection and provide the septic tank clearance letter. You also need to know that septic inspection requirements may vary from state to state, so always hire someone who knows your local and municipal rules and regulations.

Septic Works LLC can help you in your next house purchase or sale. Our septic inspectors are licensed and insured and we have been serving clients for over 20 years with septic tank inspection, septic system clearance letter, septic pumping, etc.

4. Why do you need septic certification?

A septic tank clearance letter is quite important for both home owners and prospective buyers. For buyers, it is critical to know the status of the septic system before you buy a house.

On the other hand, nobody wants to sell a house with a malfunctioning septic system and later be held accountable of issues of liability. At the same time, a healthy septic system lives longer and avoids your family any diseases, bad smells and even water contamination.

5. When do you need to get your septic tank certified?

You should get a septic tank clearance letter when you are looking for buying a new home or even just to make sure that your home septic system is in good working order and there is not any leak or sewage backup.

It is recommended that you hire a septic specialist to carry out septic tank inspection at least once every three years. And this can vary depending on the size of the septic tank and how fast it gets full.

If you have any questions about septic tank clearance letter in the US or looking to hire a septic inspection specialist, call Septic Works LLC today at 912 – 666 – 2210 and we will be happy to serve you and answer all your questions.