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Septic Tank Pumping Greenville SC:
5 Things to Know

If you want to know all about septic tank pumping Greenville SC, you are at the right place. If properly designed, installed and maintained, septic systems offer an efficient way to process wastewater from your home. They can even last for decades, 50 years or more.

However, there will be times when you will need to arrange for septic tank pumping Greenville SC. Any delays can make things worse and require more than a pump-out.

Throughout this article, we are going to talk about 5 important things you need to know if you live in a house in Greenville and it relies an onsite sewage disposal system.

septic tank pumping greenville sc

1. How often should you arrange for septic tank pumping Greenville SC?

Septic pumping is the process of removing the solids that don’t dissolve or biodegrade. If the sludge is left, it leads to sewage backup into house or contamination of the yard. And the septic system will function below its expected efficiency.

You should arrange for septic tank pumping Greenville SC at least once every three years, it might be even less or more depending on several factors including the size or the capacity of your septic tank, how many people live in the home, and the volume of solids and scum in the wastewater.

2. How to find out if you need a septic tank cleaning Greenville SC?

It is important to know when you should arrange for a septic tank cleaning Greenville SC. First, you will need to locate the tank and remove the lid. Next check out the scum layer. It shouldn’t be more than 6 inches thick, otherwise it is due time.

Never leave the tank open and unattended. It has dangerous materials and to avoid that someone or a pet falls in. After you check the scum thickness, next is to check the sludge level. You can do that with a stick that is seven feet and put it in while you hold the other end. If there is one inch of sludge, it is time to arrange for a septic tank pumping Greenville SC.

While homeowners can do this themselves, we recommend hiring the services of a septic tank inspection specialist. As we said, the tank has dangerous materials and highly toxic smells. A septic specialist is certified and insured to check out the whole septic system.

3. Septic inspection Greenville South Carolina

Before buying a house, prospective buyers hire home inspectors to check out the house, the plumbing system and make sure all is in good working order. One thing that sometimes gets overlooked is the septic system.

An inspection is important for both the homeowner and the prospective buyer. A sewage system is costly so you want to ensure you’re buying a home with a well-functioning one. At the same time, septic tank inspection is crucial for the health of your family and to avoid any water or even nature contamination.

You should arrange for the inspection regularly, or at least once every three years. Don’t wait until something goes wrong. It might be too late and contamination has already taken place and you would need to do expensive repairs or replacements.

4. How is a septic inspection done?

At Septic Works LLC, we have a septic tank inspection checklist and it is three levels:

Inspection level 1: It is a visual inspection where we check the water taps in the home to make sure everything is draining well. We also check out the drain field area.

Inspection level 2: We do septic tank pumping Greenville SC. We open the tank and check the water level.

Inspection level 3: We install inlet and outlet baffles. That is to organize the flow of water inside the tank and to prevent solids from travelling to the leach field.

5. Septic tank installation Greenville SC

At least 20 percent of houses in the United States are connected to an onsite sewage system. They are common in rural areas that are not serviced by municipal lines. Septic tank installation Greenville SC is necessary for these homes to process the wastewater that exits the home.

Every house is unique. It might be big or small, has a 3 or 4 or even 5 bedrooms. They type of soil also differs between places. A percolation test is needed and a general evaluation to ensure that the installed septic system fits the demands of the household.

If you want a reliable septic tank installation service, call us at 912-666-2210 today or visit to find all the details about septic system installation.

buying a house with a septic tank

Reliable septic tank pumping Greenville SC

If you want an excellent service and a competitive price, talk to Septic Works LLC. Our septic specialists are experienced and well qualified. We are also licensed and insured to do septic tank pumping Greenville SC, septic tank installation Greenville SC as well as septic inspection Greenville SC. We bring the right tools, equipment and experience to every job.

Schedule your septic service today and have confidence knowing that you’ve got the best professionals on the job.