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Septic Tank Repair in USA

Septic tank repair in USA is very important to prevent serious issues such as contamination and avoid costly repairs. If you live in a rural area, it is very likely that you have a septic tank in your yard.

Your septic system can live for decades if you take care of it with proper and periodic septic tank maintenance.

Septic tanks perform their work quietly around the clock. Problems arise because sometimes we neglect the importance of regular septic tank care. It might be that sewage backs up into the house, unpleasant odors, slow or lack of drainage in the home.

When that happens, you know something is wrong with your septic system. If you are unsure what to do, read this guide to know all about: signs that you need a septic tank repair, septic solutions, and septic tank repair or replace.

Signs That You Need a Septic Tank Repair

Warning signs of a septic tank repair in USA are many and easy to spot. Septic tanks have a big job to do – they hold and filter all the wastewater that exits your household. They are usually made of concrete, plastic or polyethylene. They have many parts, which means over time things can break or wear out. Here is a list of some signs that you need a septic tank repair:

Foul smell

Foul smell or odor coming from the drains inside the house. In most cases, this is caused by a clogged pipe preventing waste from travelling through to the septic tank or because a septic tank pumping is needed.

Sewage backup

Sewage can back up into sinks, tubs and toilets. A warning sign would be gurgling sounds in sinks, toilets or the plumbing pipes. Sewage backups happen because the septic tank gets full or you haven’t arranged for a septic tank pumping in a long time. When that happens, the wastewater that leaves your home does not get processed and backs up into your home.

Septic tank overflow

There are a few possible causes of a septic tank overflow. In most cases, it is a sign that there is a need for a septic tank repair. It is most likely a septic tank pumping or the outlet pipe to the leach field is clogged. A septic tank full of water not draining can also be an issue with the distribution box.

Clogged pipes

Clogged pipes can be a cheap or an expensive repair depending on the gravity of the issue. It happens when you flush down things that clog the pipes. If the toilet is slow to flush, it is a signal that your septic tank is filling up fast with sludge and this is causing delays in the flushing process. Remember to flush only things that are septic-friendly. Never flush down coffee grounds, diapers, cooking oil, cigarettes, feminine hygiene products, cat litter, paint or chemicals.

Tree roots

It is best to grow plants or trees far from the septic tank and the leach field. Their roots can damage the pipes and cause expensive repairs. Wet areas around the drain line attract tree roots that like the moisture. They can enter the pipes and fill it causing the drain field to stop functioning. Septic tank repair involves using cutting blades on a rotating auger to clear the roots.

Damaged septic pipes

Septic pipes can get damaged from accidentally hitting a line while planting flowers, or even a third-party installing cables. A warning sign would be the grass over the septic tank and the drain field getting greener and denser than other areas. That might be because water is leaking from a damaged or broken pipe. This can be resolved by digging out and replacing the broken pipes.

Septic Tank Repair Solutions

Buying a house is everybody’s dream, but this lifetime investment involves many things to consider. If you are buying a house with a septic system, you want to ensure that it is in excellent condition. A healthy septic system protects your family, the environment, the greenery, and the drinking water. It also avoids any unwelcome surprises or costly repairs. Try to know the following information:

  1. How old is the septic system?
  2. How old is the property?
  3. How long has the seller owned the property?
  4. Where is the septic system located?
  5. What is the size of the septic tank?
  6. Where is the original septic permit?
  7. Ask for the septic tank maintenance records
  8. Ask when the last septic tank inspection was conducted
  9. Ask about other septic systems in the neighborhood

Solutions of Septic Tank Repair in USA

Lack of regular septic tank maintenance can lead to many things going wrong. Septic tanks have many parts and work within a network that include your home plumbing, the leach field pipes and the soil. Check out this list of problems and solutions:

Septic tank baffle repair

The septic tank baffle repair costs a few hundred dollars. Septic tanks usually have two baffles: inlet and outlet. The inlet baffle allows water to flow into your septic system without disturbing the scum layer. This baffle also keeps the wastewater from flowing straight across the septic tank.

The outlet baffle serves as a filter to retain solids from traveling to the leach field. Having this baffle is essential to avoid clogs that could destroy your drain line.

Either baffle can wear and may become cracked or damaged. In most cases, full replacements are needed, but you can patch minor damage on some baffles.

Septic tank bacteria treatment

Septic tank bacteria treatment is essential to the breakdown of the wastewater inside the septic tank. Bacteria have a fundamental role – they eat away at the waste inside the tank. Flushing down chemicals kill the organic bacteria and thus the septic system becomes less efficient. Adding bacteria to a septic tank is a great solution and an efficient septic tank repair.

Septic tank wall repair

The septic tank wall repair can cost just a few hundreds up to a few thousands depending on the severity of the cracks. Holes or cracks develop over time due to tree roots or accidental hits while digging the ground. These have to be treated immediately. A warning sign would be the grass above the septic tank getting greener and denser. Repairing a damaged septic tank wall includes filling the cracks.

Remove roots from a septic tank

Another septic tank repair is to remove roots from a septic tank. The cost can be cheap or costly if the roots have done a sizable damage to the septic tank. Resolving this would be to remove out the roots from the septic tank and then patch the cracks.

Septic tank leak repair

The septic tank leak repair has many possibilities. The leak can be caused by many factors including cracks, holes or corroded pipes. Leaks cause water to flow out into the surrounding soil and creating a sinking ground. A septic tank repair in this instance has a varying cost depending on the leak-causing reason.

Concrete septic tank crack repair

Concrete septic tank crack repair is needed more for concrete septic tanks rather than plastic septic tanks. Over time, concrete septic tanks corrode or crack causing leaks with the result of improper disposal of effluent. The septic tank repair here is done by filling the cracks using patching compounds or crack sealers. .

Septic tank lid replacement

The septic tank lid replacement is one of the easy septic tank repairs to do. The septic tank lid covers and allows access to the septic tank. Replacing it would cost a few hundred dollars.

It is a small problem but ignoring it leads to elements and dirt entering the septic tank and causing a bigger issue. It might even lead to the fall of someone inside the septic tank and cause a serious injury or even death.

It is easy to fix if it is only a lid crack. You simply remove, clean and dry the lid. After that, you apply a filler or adhesive into the cracked area. Once it has dried, you put it back in its position.

Septic tank pump replacement

The septic tank pump replacement cost can vary depending on the size of your needs. Septic tank pumps are usually installed in the second chamber of the septic tank or after the septic tank. They help to pump the effluent from the septic tank to the leach field.

Septic tank lateral line installation

An expensive septic tank repair is the lateral line installation. Lateral lines are the pipes leading out from the septic tank to the soil, providing a way for the clean water to flow into the leach field.

If they are blocked or not working properly then the septic tank effluent has nowhere to go and a system can backup and fail.

Septic tank replacement cost

A septic tank replacement cost can be as high as $9,000. The cost includes the septic tank installation as well as setting up the place of the tank.

Septic tank repair cost

Septic tank repair cost varies depending on various factors. For example, it costs more to repair a septic tank that was installed on a slope rather than a flat land.

Leach field rejuvenation

TLeach field rejuvenation is about cleaning the drain field and facilitating the job of the soil to absorb the water. Rejuvenation is done because of nasty smells around the leach field or the pipes are clogged with wastewater. In the process, the field gets pumped to remove the excess water and add bacteria and enzymes.

Septic tank repair in USA: Drain field replacement

One of the more expensive septic tank repairs is certainly the drain field replacement. Leach fields fail because of insufficient and improper septic tank maintenance.

The cost of a drain field replacement varies according to the size of the drain line, soils and costs of local permits.

Plastic septic tank repair

Plastic septic tank repair is one of the cheap and easy jobs. Plastic septic tanks are watertight and rust-resistant.

If a crack has developed, an immediate repair is needed. Plastic-welding the septic tank will fix the crack and prevent the crack from growing.

Septic distribution box replacement

The septic distribution box replacement is essential to do if it is broken or damaged. D-boxes are responsible for the even distribution of the effluent into the leach field pipes. A damaged distribution box can lead to problems even in the leach field.

Moving septic tank

Moving a septic tank is sometimes necessary because of ground movement or if the septic tank was not installed correctly in the first place. This is a costly septic tank repair to do. The operation includes excavating and moving the septic tank to a new location.

Septic tank pumping

Septic tank pumping should take place at least once every three years according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA. Factors that influence the frequency of septic tank pumping are:

  • Septic tank size
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Total wastewater generated
Septic Tank Repair or Replace

Knowing when to do septic tank repair or replace is quite important. Some problems are easy and cheap to solve, while others can cause a headache and require a replacement.

A broken pipe can cost a few hundred bucks to repair whereas a failed leach field requires you to replace some parts or the whole drain line which is quite expensive.

Implementing regular septic tank maintenance, septic tank inspection and septic tank pumping every three to five years will avoid your septic tank repair or replace. Or at least cheap repairs.